PCOS: The Transformation

It has been quite the journey but we are finally here! After 7 months of treatment Abigail's transformation is complete. In a final entry of the documented process, she shares the following  

"I had my 6th and last laser treatment last month and the results have been great. The technician increased the intensity of the laser setting, which zapped away the small patches of hair that kept growing back in. Now I'm 98% hair-free and 100% bump (in-grown) free. "

Before (June 2015)

Before (June 2015)

After (December 2015)

After (December 2015)

Talk about amazing! Laser Hair Removal treatment is proven to deliver 85-90% hair reduction, give or take individual circumstance, at a 98% reduction the results are phenomenal. Truly Abigail's progress is not solely due to Laser though it holds weight in this process, rather it is due to a combination of treatments designed to target the major issues in her skin's appearance. Abigail's plan consisted of 6 Laser Hair Removal Sessions, 4 Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion Sessions, 1 Chemical Peel and 1 Organic Facial, spanning across a 7 month time period. Click to learn more about each treatment and schedule a consultation with one of our experts to review options specific to your skin's needs.

Its important to remind everyone that these treatments do not cure PCOS, they work to combat its physical effects - more specifically, hair growth due to hormonal imbalance and scarring. By implementing this unique treatment plan we were able to target the in-growns, reduce excess hair growth, remove the dead skin layers preventing its breathability and in turn induce skin's natural cell production that is often stifled due to a number of reasons such as lack of exfoliation and proper skin care. We also work to educate our clients on the use of at home skincare and the importance of a balanced diet to maintain luminous results.

Celebrating the end of incredible journey we invited Abigail for a day of transformation, pampering her with all the works from skincare, to makeup and a photoshoot fit for a goddess. Check out the amazing photos and let us know what you think.

If you or someone you know is struggling with the physical effects of PCOS or any skin related disorder such as rosacea, eczema, hyper-pigmentation or other, be sure to refer to our experts. Our consultations are designed to discuss options for treatment and provide solutions to those concerns.


Get To Know: Diana Pop

Like the flavors to a scrumpdeliocious cake Deify is made of layers of sweet personalities. From the administrators to the artists, shy ones to the loudest ones, each forms a larger role in the Deify vibe. And since the salon experience is not complete without the people behind the technique, its only right to introduce the members of our crazy talented little family.

If you've ever had a laser session at our place you'd know that Diana Pop is a tech hard to miss. Bringing spunk to the Deify name, she's not only kind and bubbly but carries the credentials to back up the claim on quality.

How long have you been with Deify and what brought you into the spa/beauty industry? I started working at Deify almost 3 years ago, early in its beginning stages. 

From high school I already knew I'd be working in a Medical Spa. I was attracted to all beauty services but more on the medical side than make up, hair or nails. I graduated in Medical Cosmetics in Romania. When I came to the US everything was about laser. I loved the idea of ' being clean ' and ' confident ' and no more constant in-growns or shaving or waxing. I , myself had been struggling with all these problems since I was a teenager so I can understand exactly what our clients are going through.

Tell us about one memorable client experience. My most memorable clients are the ones with major problems like full facial or body hair. They are the ones that cry on our tables of pain and not just physical pain. Treating and being part of a person that changes their gender is definitely something you will remember and they always remember you. If you get a Christmas message from someone you treated a year ago, you know you had an impact on that person and that is rewarding. It is not all ' fun and games' having this job. A lot of clients give us their trust, believe in us and we have to deliver.

Do you have a nickname? I don't think I have an official nickname, I think. If I had one it would be something like; Control Freak, 'Who do you think you are?' , Loud, Clean Freak

What are your favorite hobbies? I love the outdoors - anything from hiking, camping, long rides, snowboarding. Love mountains, the beach, forest and if I have any sweets with caramel on me- PERFECT DAY!!!  :) 

You’ve been a laser tech for years so its safe to assume that you’ve had laser done everywhere. What areas do you most recommend and what advice would you share with the readers regarding laser? Laser made my life SO MUCH easier and it does that to most of our clients. The areas I highly recommend treating are areas of coarse hair like brazilian, underarms and lower legs. Those are areas prone to in-growns followed by pigmentation or even infection.


And what do other clients have to say about their experience with Diana? See for yourself!


Farewell Microbeads

Microbeads seem to be all the buzz these last few days with the recent signing of the new Microbead-Free Waters Act of 2015, a law banning the sale and distribution of the environmentally-damaging plastic. The bill was signed by President Obama on December 28, 2015 with plans to effectively implement the ban by July 2017.

Now to give you the gist on the infamous microbeads, they're tiny plastic balls about 5 millimeters in size contained in a variety of personal care products from facial wash to toothpaste, cosmetics, soaps and more. Often going unseen, these beads wash away into our drain systems settling into lakes and rivers. While most would find that harmless, these plastics never dissolve, are consumed by the fish which many of us ultimately have for dinner. Remember how you're parents used to tell you not to eat plastics? Well that's cause it can kill you, hence the fight for clean waters.

All this talk on microbeads, what now for your exfoliants you ask. Well, great news! This means, that not only do we get cleaner waters but cleaner products. This ban will force many manufacturers to revert to more natural substances, a trend that's been long forged by some of our favorite lines such as Eminence Organic. By the way, did you know that for every Eminence product purchased a tree is planted? Talk about giving back! Clearer skin using healthier alternatives that gives the earth back some of the good its provided.

Start making the shift now, here are some Microbead-Free cleansers to consider.

  • Eminence Organic Stone Crop Gel Wash
  • the Aloe Source Jojoba Radiance Cleansing Polish
  • Eminence Organic Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant
  • Eminence Organic Pear and Poppy Seed Microderm Polisher
  • Eminence Organic Calm Skin Chamomile, Clear Skin Willow Bark, Firm Skin Acai, Bright Skin Licorice Root Exfoliating Peel Pads - each designed to effectively exfoliate skin with specific concerns such as aging, pigment, acne or sensitivity.

Available in-store for purchase & if you mention this post now through end of February 2016, you'll receive a 20% discount on your next purchase of any of facial wash.

Goddess of The Month: VictoriYa S.

de·i·fy [ˈdēəˌfī/]

verb. to regard, or treat (someone or something)

as a god( or Goddess)


When defining our vision and purpose within the beauty industry, our name speaks for itself. Continuously redirecting the spotlight from ourselves and trends to the people who deserve to be treated, you, our clients. Kicking off our new ongoing series, Goddess of the Month, we're featuring the stories and testimonials that continue to change our lives and bring life to the Deify name. The participants of this series are treated to a full pampering session that includes a makeover with hair and makeup plus special complimentary treats. Might you be our next Goddess in February? We shall see!

Now without further adieu, introducing our first Goddess of the Month, Victoriya S.

How long have you been a client at Deify?  I have been a client at Deify for a year now. 

What procedure(s) have you gotten done? I have gotten 8 laser hair removal treatments on my full leg and on my Brazilian, both with Cynthia (CC). I also just got my first underarm treatment as well.

Tell us about one in which you have seen great improvement. Why were these areas a must for you? What kind of challenges have you faced in the past within these areas? 

I honestly seen amazing improvement in both my legs and Brazilian area. Given that I am very fair skinned and I have dark hair, shaving was always a must for me. My skin is very soft and the razor would give me awful irritation so I would always struggle with razor bumps, especially in the summer.

How has this treatment helped in aiding the challenges? Ever since I started the treatments my skin is incredibly smooth and the only growth I'll have is a little hair here and there. I always get compliments on my legs now and not having to worry about razor bumps on my bikini area is a huge plus. 

What would you say to those still hesitating but considering the procedure?

I recommend this procedure to all my friends because it's honestly a life changer. I'm not only more confident now but I also spend much less time in the shower now that shaving isn't an issue, and who doesn't want a little extra time for themselves? 

It's much less painful than waxing and much more convenient than shaving. As far as price I don't remember the last time I had to worry about shaving cream or buying new razors and let's face it a good razor isn't exactly cheap so in the long run it is cost effective, especially when compared to the high cost of waxes.

How do you intend to celebrate as Goddess of the Month?

I intend to celebrate by having a much needed spa day post stressful final exams, go out and show off my new amazing haircut, which was also done at Deify! Thanks Jack! 

Makeup by Rossell Alvarado, Hair by Jacky

Photos by Ashley Cuadrado

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Diamonds are a girl’s (and guy’s) best friend! This therapeutic technique was first introduced in 1996, gaining great popularity over the years. Designed with varying sized tipped wands that cater to different skin types and conditions. The wand is embedded with thousands of laser cut diamonds that work to resurface the skin.

Operating as a vacuum, the wand’s suction power and diamonds work collectively to buffer and remove dead layers all while increasing the skin’s blood flow. Penetrating the skin, surface cells are forced to divide producing collagen to make room for a more firm, plump and moisturized epidermis. The procedure also works to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, among others. It evens tone complexion, lessening the sun’s damage and reducing pore size. 

And maintaining your skin’s new found state of health is a cinch with Deify’s expert staff who will guide you on the skincare regiments that are most suiting. Paired with a good sunscreen of SPF 30 to 50, your skin will be good as new - nurtured and protected. Who said you can’t turn back the hands of time? Book your treatement today!