3 Ways To Laser

We all have initial thoughts that come to mind when speaking about lasers. The zap, hair removal solution or the secret spy’s tool of preference. While all valid associations lasers are more than a rubber band zap. Possessing the power to target far more than pesky pubes and unwanted hair, laser technology is designed to target and correct pigmentation, induce collagen production for a needed facelift and tighten areas of loose, sagging skin. It is more like a miracle worker in a 'zap'. 

But if you’ve never tried a single Laser procedure, don’t let the images deter you. The GentleLASE® system features a patented Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD) that sprays a fine mist of cryogen prior to each laser pulse. Sort of like a simultaneous warm and cooling sensation. This device minimizes pain, protects the skin, and enables the laser energy to gently reach the targeted areas. This means great results with minimal discomfort. 

So don’t get caught off guard unshaved, makeup-less, or sharing unwanted muffins with the world ever again, laser’s got your back without the invasion or down time. Book your laser appointment today!

Le Décolleté

An often neglected part of the skin care routine, your neck is one that deserves much attention. Unattended, the skin loses elasticity, vitality and ultimately becoming the saggy stand that holds one’s beautiful face. But don’t be dismayed, a key element in skin care is beginning treatment sooner than later. How does one care for their neck exactly? Well we’re glad you asked!

Straying away from the option of invasive procedure methods, we have rounded up the best of the best treatments and skin care routines to provide your neck with the aid it needs to bounce back to healthier standards. Leaving many to say, My oh my what wonderful décolletage you have!

Recommended Product: PCA Skin Perfecting Neck & Décolleté 

Apply a dime-sized amount twice daily following cleansing for firm, smooth, radiant skin. Follow with the appropriate PCA SKIN® broad spectrum SPF product in the daytime and moisturizer in the evening.



Recommended Treatment:

Defy with Nanogold, a calming cleanse and exfoliating diamond tip microdermabrasion followed by the signature formulation delivered through a soothing mask and massage.

Strut, Honey!

Photo Credit : StyleCaster

Photo Credit : StyleCaster

Though granted we are but a Medical Spa and Salon, fashion is like a distant sister in the world of beauty. We love to digging through the articles of Fall style trends, the dos, the donts and of course the season’s latest skin care buzzes. Recently perusing through Twitter we favorited StyleCaster’s Over-the-Knee Boots Aren’t Going Anywhere: 30 New Ways to Wear Yours style edition and couldn’t help fend off the thought of the many struggling with insecurities lingering on their gorgeous pillars (legs). Though over the knee boots work great to cover some of those, we want to take you the extra mile to show off a little thigh with the coveted style. Whether its ghastly vessels, spider veins, dark spots or simply the frustration of cottage cheese delicacies living over your best features, we’ve got the solutions for each and every one.

Splat Goes the Spider

Starting with the eight legged critters, though they often posses more. Our vessel removal treatment works to reduce and eliminate the unsightly, using the power of Laser technology to collapse the vessels and help the body absorb its remanence. 

Bye-Bye Dark Spots

If your major concern are dark spots, we’ve got a variety of products just for that. Here are some of our recommendations (available for purchase in-store) 

  • PCA Skin Intensive Brightening Treatment: 0.5% Pure Retinol Night

  • PCA Skin Pigment Gel

  • Eminence Bright Skin Licorice Root Booster - Serum (Natural Hydroquinone Alternative)

  • Eminence Bright Skin Masque (Natural Hydroquinone Alternative)

Among the dark spot solutions we’ve also got the Pigmentation Correction Laser Lightening Treatment that adopts laser technology’s multifunctional channels to target effects from dark spots, troublesome vessels to hair removal. That’s a fun fact that’ll zap your mind but we can talk more about lasers in a later post.

Cottage Cheese Cures

Ever dreamed you could eliminate the cellulite wrecking havoc on your mini skirt, dress wearing days? Bippity Boppity Boop, dream come true! Our Body Contouring & Cellulite Reduction treatments work exceptionally to reduce the headache non-invasively. Using the Viora Reaction aesthetic system to increase blood circulation, stimulate lymphatic drainage and shrink existing fat cells to bid cottage cheese days adieu!

And these are only some of the many available! You know you need it, we all do. Far from emphasizing perfection in body image, we wish to provide solutions. Modern science, modern technology means you don't have to settle for insecurity’s beck and call, unless you want to.

Now for the better question, what’s your favorite over the knee look? We’ve got our eye on number 10 & 17.

PCOS: Laser Hair Removal

One Microderm session down and Abigail was already experiencing the change in her skin. Even colleagues surrounding her began to take notice of the effervescent glow. Going into the following treatment, Laser Hair Removal, the excitement was simply building. Envisioning a day in which she would no longer struggle with routine plucking or picking of the facial hairs that have so persistently pestered her days. 

Abigail shares:

“Going into my first laser treatment, I was beyond excited, because the journey to my "new normal" was finally beginning.  I didn't have a chance to shave before my appointment so after the treatment was done, the first and most noticeable difference was that the skin in the treated area felt so much smoother, while the hair felt singed, like a crispy crunchy feeling.  I also noticed that all of my bumps due to ingrown hairs were COMPLETELY flattened!  To me, this was amazing because I was actually premenstrual that day, which is exactly when my face flares up with fast and furious hair growth and unsightly bumps.”

Reflecting on the procedures, the results are practically poetic. From microdermabrasion that centers on stripping excess layers of dead skin, to now, laser. One centers on shedding the years of emotional weight while the other targets to eliminate the underlying culprits of detrimental cycles. Though true, PCOS does not yet have a cure, its effects on self esteem are no longer a necessary evil but rather, optional with proven treatments and experts dedicated to make a change in some way or another.

Happy Client Appreciation Day!

Last Thursday we hosted our first ever Client Appreciation Day event and the turnout was better than expected. With guests filling the space many indulged in delights and toasted to the amazing giveaways and discounted packages under sparkling chandeliers. Truly, there aren't enough words to express our gratitude. Because of you, our valued clients, the Deify name continues to make its mark. Going beyond the standards to redefine beauty, instill new confidence and change lives - your stories, your smiles & continued support is what gets us up in the morning, making the Monday Blues and Weekend wishes unnecessary. 

We'd like to extend a big thank you to neighboring Chelsea businesses who partook in this event - Orange Theory FitnessLa Maison du Macaron & Garden of Eden. And a huge thank you to our outstanding vendors for helping in making it all come together - Milbon, Wella Hair Professionals, Crystal PeelPCA Skin, Eminence Organics & Knesko Skin. We look forward to many more celebrations to come!