PCOS: Laser Hair Removal

One Microderm session down and Abigail was already experiencing the change in her skin. Even colleagues surrounding her began to take notice of the effervescent glow. Going into the following treatment, Laser Hair Removal, the excitement was simply building. Envisioning a day in which she would no longer struggle with routine plucking or picking of the facial hairs that have so persistently pestered her days. 

Abigail shares:

“Going into my first laser treatment, I was beyond excited, because the journey to my "new normal" was finally beginning.  I didn't have a chance to shave before my appointment so after the treatment was done, the first and most noticeable difference was that the skin in the treated area felt so much smoother, while the hair felt singed, like a crispy crunchy feeling.  I also noticed that all of my bumps due to ingrown hairs were COMPLETELY flattened!  To me, this was amazing because I was actually premenstrual that day, which is exactly when my face flares up with fast and furious hair growth and unsightly bumps.”

Reflecting on the procedures, the results are practically poetic. From microdermabrasion that centers on stripping excess layers of dead skin, to now, laser. One centers on shedding the years of emotional weight while the other targets to eliminate the underlying culprits of detrimental cycles. Though true, PCOS does not yet have a cure, its effects on self esteem are no longer a necessary evil but rather, optional with proven treatments and experts dedicated to make a change in some way or another.