PCOS: The Abigail Glow

Thinking back on our first consult with Abigail, we recall the initial marks of frustration in her journey. Having evaluated the requirements, treatment plans were set in place and willingness to partake in the documentary was established. But from conversation to documentation, smiles would suddenly dampen as insecurities would ensue. Posed before a camera for preliminary photo ops, it was clear with every tilt of the head and click of a camera button that for Abigail this was more than a pursuit for outer beauty, it signaled the embarkment of inner healing.

“This is so embarrassing” she explained as she bravely exposed new angles of the effects of her condition. And we, like all humans, can relate. Insecurities can take a heavy toll. But dragged from their hidden corners and exposed, insecurities once battled become nothing more than open ground for recovery.

Shortly after her first Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion session with Inna, Abigail shared

“I noticed right away that most of my ingrown hairs and bumps were slightly flattened and the color of my scars was greatly reduced. I experienced very little peeling about 2-3 days after my microdermabrasion which wasn’t as bad as I expected. I was able to go back to work the following Monday and a colleague noticed my “glow””.

Treatment offers only a portion of the change. As we peel the layers of Abigail’s endured frustrations, the greatest glow of her recovery process will be the one exposed from the inside. Knowing beautiful, feeling beautiful, and in turn, outer beauty will exude. Abigail’s glow is only at its beginning stages as it peers through walls that have kept it hidden for much too long.