The Skin Essentials

“Our procedure is an 80/20 process, 80% can be done here but 20% will rely heavily on what you do at home, what you eat and how you follow through on the care of your skin. It is a commitment” explains in-house skin expert Inna Knyazevych, during the initial consult with Abigail.

We live in a culture that often demands speed over quality. Paying little mind to the benefits and follow through. Many have exchanged long term for short lived beauty solutions. Day in and day out we meet clients like Abigail who walk through our doors, each holding unique stories, conditions, and wish lists of what they hope to accomplish with our expertise. Consulting them is a process we highly value, we pride ourselves in educating our clients from the benefits, technologies to the maintenance that each procedure entails, setting realistic expectations for the changes and enhancements to come.

With many conditions like PCOS, the little things you do or don’t do define the gap between flare ups and proper healing. Finalizing a list of procedures to begin her treatment in upcoming weeks, Inna proceeded to share the essentials for promoting skin health from home, many of which we believe everyone can benefit from. So what were Inna’s tips?

 Hair  – Avoid having hair over your face as it holds bacteria and tends to work against the cleansing process

• Sunscreen – When you expose your skin to the sun’s rays, pigmentation gets deeper and darker so it is imperative to use sunscreen for your skin’s protection. And fear not dolled up beauties there’s makeup available with SPF for a two in one punch.

• No picking or plucking – Fight the temptation! Nothing good can come from either if it isn’t done by an expert

• Document Your Progress – Any progress, big or small, makes the difference, photos will help you see the results

 Stay Optimistic – No need to get frustrated if you don’t see immediate results in 2-3 sessions, sometimes with these types of treatments things have to get worse before they get better simply because procedures will work to purge the skin of impurities concealed.

Whatever the question, condition or concern, our doors are always open to answer even the simplest of queries. Stay beautiful, beauties! For a comprehensive Skincare analysis, book a free consultation with one of our renowned estheticians and begin your personalized journey to beautiful, clear, more youthful skin!