Goddess of The Month: VictoriYa S.

de·i·fy [ˈdēəˌfī/]

verb. to regard, or treat (someone or something)

as a god( or Goddess)


When defining our vision and purpose within the beauty industry, our name speaks for itself. Continuously redirecting the spotlight from ourselves and trends to the people who deserve to be treated, you, our clients. Kicking off our new ongoing series, Goddess of the Month, we're featuring the stories and testimonials that continue to change our lives and bring life to the Deify name. The participants of this series are treated to a full pampering session that includes a makeover with hair and makeup plus special complimentary treats. Might you be our next Goddess in February? We shall see!

Now without further adieu, introducing our first Goddess of the Month, Victoriya S.

How long have you been a client at Deify?  I have been a client at Deify for a year now. 

What procedure(s) have you gotten done? I have gotten 8 laser hair removal treatments on my full leg and on my Brazilian, both with Cynthia (CC). I also just got my first underarm treatment as well.

Tell us about one in which you have seen great improvement. Why were these areas a must for you? What kind of challenges have you faced in the past within these areas? 

I honestly seen amazing improvement in both my legs and Brazilian area. Given that I am very fair skinned and I have dark hair, shaving was always a must for me. My skin is very soft and the razor would give me awful irritation so I would always struggle with razor bumps, especially in the summer.

How has this treatment helped in aiding the challenges? Ever since I started the treatments my skin is incredibly smooth and the only growth I'll have is a little hair here and there. I always get compliments on my legs now and not having to worry about razor bumps on my bikini area is a huge plus. 

What would you say to those still hesitating but considering the procedure?

I recommend this procedure to all my friends because it's honestly a life changer. I'm not only more confident now but I also spend much less time in the shower now that shaving isn't an issue, and who doesn't want a little extra time for themselves? 

It's much less painful than waxing and much more convenient than shaving. As far as price I don't remember the last time I had to worry about shaving cream or buying new razors and let's face it a good razor isn't exactly cheap so in the long run it is cost effective, especially when compared to the high cost of waxes.

How do you intend to celebrate as Goddess of the Month?

I intend to celebrate by having a much needed spa day post stressful final exams, go out and show off my new amazing haircut, which was also done at Deify! Thanks Jack! 

Makeup by Rossell Alvarado, Hair by Jacky

Photos by Ashley Cuadrado