Get To Know: Diana Pop

Like the flavors to a scrumpdeliocious cake Deify is made of layers of sweet personalities. From the administrators to the artists, shy ones to the loudest ones, each forms a larger role in the Deify vibe. And since the salon experience is not complete without the people behind the technique, its only right to introduce the members of our crazy talented little family.

If you've ever had a laser session at our place you'd know that Diana Pop is a tech hard to miss. Bringing spunk to the Deify name, she's not only kind and bubbly but carries the credentials to back up the claim on quality.

How long have you been with Deify and what brought you into the spa/beauty industry? I started working at Deify almost 3 years ago, early in its beginning stages. 

From high school I already knew I'd be working in a Medical Spa. I was attracted to all beauty services but more on the medical side than make up, hair or nails. I graduated in Medical Cosmetics in Romania. When I came to the US everything was about laser. I loved the idea of ' being clean ' and ' confident ' and no more constant in-growns or shaving or waxing. I , myself had been struggling with all these problems since I was a teenager so I can understand exactly what our clients are going through.

Tell us about one memorable client experience. My most memorable clients are the ones with major problems like full facial or body hair. They are the ones that cry on our tables of pain and not just physical pain. Treating and being part of a person that changes their gender is definitely something you will remember and they always remember you. If you get a Christmas message from someone you treated a year ago, you know you had an impact on that person and that is rewarding. It is not all ' fun and games' having this job. A lot of clients give us their trust, believe in us and we have to deliver.

Do you have a nickname? I don't think I have an official nickname, I think. If I had one it would be something like; Control Freak, 'Who do you think you are?' , Loud, Clean Freak

What are your favorite hobbies? I love the outdoors - anything from hiking, camping, long rides, snowboarding. Love mountains, the beach, forest and if I have any sweets with caramel on me- PERFECT DAY!!!  :) 

You’ve been a laser tech for years so its safe to assume that you’ve had laser done everywhere. What areas do you most recommend and what advice would you share with the readers regarding laser? Laser made my life SO MUCH easier and it does that to most of our clients. The areas I highly recommend treating are areas of coarse hair like brazilian, underarms and lower legs. Those are areas prone to in-growns followed by pigmentation or even infection.


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